Stretch’s Scary Halloween Song No.2: Three Days

A quietly spoken opening line,

“At this moment, you should be with us…”                         then, the bass kicks in and you are transported into the nightmarish epic by Jane’s Addiction.  Whether you love or hate Perry Farrell, it cannot be denied that when this song appeared in 1990, it was different from a lot of the output of the era.  The Pixies probably had the closest vibe.  A dreadful live version of this song appears in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales. The only way to listen to it is by getting the album version.

I listened to this song over and over again when I was 15 and it always transported me into different places.  Apparently the song was inspired by an ex-girlfriend of Farrell’s arriving in L.A. and spending three days with him and his then girlfriend, Casey Niccoli, in a frenzy of drugs and sex. Doubtless, that was good craic as the man says.

The reason I always play this song at Halloween is that there is such an otherworldly feel to it.  Sit in a darkened room, light a lot of candles, take your drug of choice and turn the volume up really loud.  Rhythmic feelings of floating and flying were not uncommon.  This was the band at their best.  Whatever they were into at that time was working, even if it would eventually tear the band apart.  Their cynical attempts at reformation in later years felt like a betrayal of their fans. It seemed like just a money making exercise.

Any song with the refrain “Erotic Jesus…and his Marys..” will tend to remind you that in an age of gut-wrenching reality music shows and cocksuckers like Simon Cowell, there is hope out there for the rest of us! Now

“All now with wings.”

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