Fillerup you bitch

Stretch-lycra….okay, my initial reaction to the Various Production’s Versus was a bit nuts. So, I have found some really good stuff and some really bad stuff and some stuff that basically is just “filler.”

“Filler” is a term I lust, because so much of life is based on stuff happening and the rest is filler, and a trained Cow Marshall like myself can see this distinction very clearly.

On television these days, it is hard to know whether the programming or the adverts are content or filler. In musical terms, Metallica’s 4 albums between …And Justice For All and Death Magnetic were really just filler in my absolutely perfectly entitled opinion.  The Brit-pop scene in the early nineties was media-filler.  It was so much easier for the magazines/papers to drag out that particular phenomenon than to do any qualitative analysis on it, or indeed to move on and find what else was out there.  It went on far too long considering the music itself could hardly be described as awe-inspiring, and now seems sorely dated.

Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays (Content)….the La’s, James, the Farm (Filler). Sometimes taking a leak, or staring at a mobile fixedly is just filler. Remarkable!  More genius to come, but it might be just filler!

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