Today, I have only one thing to say!

Indie music is dead and it wasn’t me who killed it. I was meandering through and found a vid with Stephen Malkmus, those goddam Jicks and Blitzen traper doing a live cover of the James Gang tune “Funk 49,” and it’s not bad and it’s quirky, but I don’t know.  Malkmus is all weird these days. He is a hero of mine, but everytime I look at him these days, i feel like vomiting on the nearest small mammal. What happened? It’s nearly ten years since Pavement dissolved and he’s still hanging around like a bad cold. Some of his content in his new guise is good, one or two songs are really good. Hold any of it up to a Pavement tune and it seems really weak. I know people have to make a living and I’m sure he got sick of the Pavement thing, but it really feels like getting a cool christmas toy and no batteries. I dunno, it pisses poor Stretch right off his gourd….

Here’s how it is

Here’s how it was,

1 thought on “Today, I have only one thing to say!

  1. I wouldn’t want him to starve either, but I do think ex-members of bands should restrain themselves unless they can produce something as good or better than their former band.

    He should get a job as a town crier in a folk park.

    That would be the best thing for everyone.

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