Well done Americali inc.

Congratulations America, you are not racists!

• To remain not racists will be the hard part for y’all.

• No muttering under your breaths if things go wrong.

• No saying “I’m not racist, but.”  (a popular Irish expression)

Be careful America, Palin is sneaking in the shadows waiting to eliminate the continents she just learned about.

Anyway, Stretch is happy for Obamaman. Kudos Dudo.

1 thought on “Well done Americali inc.

  1. Correction: 53 point something percent of America is not racist. The rest, well lets just say includes they kind of person who would shout “Kill him!” on a nationally/internationally televised political rally when the hate-monger Palin mentioned Obama.

    We’re not any better here, of course.

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