William Basinski Overdrive

Stretch here!

This man lurks behind your curtains

This man lurks behind your curtains

I’m rocking out now to a William Basinski tune….yeah, started about ten minutes ago, should be finished in oh, about three quarters of an hour. Might pause it here…ahhh. Wipe the sweat off. Whooo, really put myself through a strenuous workout there.

Ronnie James Dio is circling my headspace right now.  I love RJD (not Richard D. James, although Stretch has a grá for him too) and his Dio-esque stuff. He is not only the diminutive King of the dark recesses of our minds but he’s a fucking great man for the rhymes.

The absolute main reason I love this man is for one thing and one very important thing, “Rainbow in the Dark.” When I was a childer and I first heard this track, it never really occurred to me how magical it was. “Rainbow” yeah “in the” yeah “Dark” ehh what?

“There’s no sign of the morning coming
You’ve been left on your own
Like a Rainbow in the Dark”

What does it mean Ronnie? I have been left on my own before, but I never thought it was similar to being a lonely rainbow in y’know the dark. I mean I know you’re a rock legend and you, in fairness, did make the horned gesture with your fingers popular with heavy metal fans and paranoid old golden girls everywhere, but you went against the laws of physics here…..

I’ve been left alone in shopping centres, zoos, pubs, restaurants, toilets, haunted houses, unhaunted houses, Woodies, Crazy Prices, Pat Grace’s Famous Fried Chicken (best curry chips on the planet), a cave, by the band the Idiots, by my parents, aunties and in the dark, and while I sat there all alone shuffling nervously it never occurred to me that I was actually like a “Rainbow in the Dark.”

If I’d have known that I think those times wouldn’t have been so bad, no Ronnie, they wouldn’t have been bad at all. I love you Ronnie.

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