Lab de Stere-ereo

Le Stretch…hawhawhaw

Ah les stereolabs qui avant a Dublin a decembre. Je suis tres excité parce que Je les ne vu pas depuis beaucoup d’annees. bluh bluh bluh.

My French is a little bit…shit! (un peu merde). Especially when Stretch is in Paris. I try to speak but they always talk English over my attempts. Very rude. I miss the rudeness and the frowning and the general you-don’t-dress-very-well-ooogly-foreigner attitude.

Anyway, the great and wonderful and magical Stereolab are coming soon.  What I do love about them is the way whatever song you are listening to is probably the one you are thinking of or were thinking of leaning against a urinal recently if you were me. The other day, somebody’s mobile rang and I was treated to a few bars of “Percolator” from Emperor Tomato Ketchup. They got all embarrassed and turned it off. I was not impressed, so I got their phone number and nuisance called them all night from outside their bedroom window. I’m not proud of it, but it seemed right at the time.

The last time they were in the Ireland was ages ago in an Ambassador. Now they have one less member as one died, not of drink or drugs but of bin lorry. What I remember of that gig was that half way through the set, they introduced all these spacey sounds in the background which really gave an edge to their performance. You felt as if you were being sucked into space by a hoover. The crowd turned into a cosmic being with light spilling from our intergalactic eyes…ahh good times indeed.

If you don’t like that, there’s nothing like a grown woman playing a trombone!

There is no trombone here, but imagine. Let yourself go. Let go…I’m tired now. Ciao as they say in Italian coffee shops on Rue de Mouffetard.

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