Ideal Christmas Presents for Loved Ones No.2

Crazy Dog Catch-A-Bubble – colours may vary51po-tgf7cl_ss500_

These bubbles magically harden when they come in contact with air. Just enough to make them catchable and stackable. Blow them up into the air and wait a few seconds. Then carefully catch them and stack them up. See who can catch the most, stack the highest, then blow them for your pet to chase.

They’ve made such a difference to our lives. The dog loves them too.” Mr and Mrs Brian Polpots, East Anglia.

Rover loves them, so I love them. I love Rover, so he loves me. Rover’s a dog. Don’t be getting any weird ideas or I’ll fucking sue you.” J. Donovan, Sydney

“Not Ingredients I would want my dog ingesting. My enemies though….” H. Chavez, c/o Dublin Simon Community

My terriers have always liked bubbles. When they were so uninterested in these, I wondered if maybe they were losing their eyesight and couldn’t see them, but when I tasted the solution myself, it was worse than regular soap bubbles. It does blow a lot of bubbles, though.” M. McEvoy, Glenroe, Co. Wicklow

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