Christianity is stupid…Communism is good!

Stretch ya later!

Can it really be Friday again? Another pointless article I have just been reading about Irish buskers who have made it to the top….to the top, including the Hansard. Is he really that country’s worst ever star? Do women shield their children when they see him coming with his geetar over his shoulder and designer hobo clothes? Is there a place in the Isle of Lapdancing Leprechauns where these hobo-chic assholes go to groom each others flanges? Look under a dolmen, there they are. “MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART! MAKE ART!” Ah, shut up.

I’m an angry Stretch today and I don’t know why. This is why listening to Negativland’s “Escape from Noise” might not be the best idea. It has my head all rattled. Back in the day when big wads of cigarette papers would be lodged between my teeth, this stuff was perfick. Now that I’m older, life’s busier and you need to find time for these classic albums. Driving around in Ray, with my farmer-arm leaning on the window, while my car stereo blasts out “CARBOMB! CARBOMB!” may work some kinda weird mojo on the other drivers. The album is great though and like all Negativland’s madness, there is always something where you have to sit back and go ahhhh. On “Escape from Noise,” is has to be the little girl with hiccups singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Driving home last night in the little hours, a broad smile and scrunchy teary grimace came over me as this gem played out….I nearly crashed the car.

Negativland are the only group ever to piss off U2 and Casey Kasem at exactly the same time. That takes effort. Anyway here’s “Christianity is Stupid.” The video is by one of those Internet goons who has lots of time on their hands. All it says is “Christianity is Stupid…Communism is good.” One of the comments on youtube said “Christianity is stupid…but so is communism.” hmmmmmmmm

2 thoughts on “Christianity is stupid…Communism is good!

  1. Poor glen, he’s belting his way to mediocrity and you wont leave him alone! Don’t you see that the music radiates from his heart (heeeeert) and right through the holes in his bohemian leather elbowed duster. His sensitive soul could not take this criticism.

  2. Ah he’ll be alright. Once he mounts his child bride and heads to Grafton street, he’ll be so hot and sticky that people’ll just be throwin money at him.

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