In Defence of Humans

Stretching back the years.

Wronged! Wronged!

Wronged! Wronged!

As a son of a Hungarian clockmaker and a mute banshee, I have learned nothing at all. Howevah, recently I was listening to Fugazi’s “In Defence of Humans” and it forced an anger to rise in me as I thought about representation in terms of cinema. There is a popular animated movie named “Toy Story” (I’m sure you’ve heard of it)  directed by John Lasseter which was a great one to spaliff to and eat cornflakes while watching.

There is a huge problem in the film, namely that of the character Sid. His character is the bad guy of the flick, but Stretch believes he has been misrepresented and children (and adults) have been duped.

The question is: How would Sid know that the inanimate objects he blew up and tortured had souls? How would he? In reality the situation that happens is actually more disturbing for the effect it has on Sid. We watch Sid run away screaming when Woodie finally talks to him and we probably laughed and went, “Serves you right, you little prick.”

Let’s consider Sid’s perspective. A lonely boy, no friends, an absolute whore of a sister, no parental figures around. The mangled toys under his bed, we believe are of his doing, but maybe this is just how his sad life developed. What were these toys complaining of anyway, they had a house over their heads? It’s not like they grew up in Woody Allen’s household or something.

Sid runs away screaming from Woodie’s “Play Nice” jibe, a fragile boy haunted by TOYS, not his toys, the fucking next-door neighbour’s toys. When we comfortably leave this horrific tableau, we don’t think of the terror of this child’s nighmares and that his life is actually ruined by these events. All the audience cares about is a fucking potato-head, a piggy bank and a gay dinosaur.

Shame on you! Shame on you!

Anyway, here’s a treat for the weekend (although you don’t desrve it): log onto and listen to an hour long show from label owner Andrew Weatherall, it’s really fuckin good.  There’s some bebop, rockabilly and a Selfish Cunt thrown in.

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