Eh…U2’s new single is a bit…

Eh…U2’s new single is a bit…well…it’s a bit…emmm..kinda sad for a grown man who isn’t Dr Tomgibbon1 Jones to be singing about sexy boots. Who is he talking about? Why are the guitars muted? What’s wrong with the production? My previous mlog about U2 claiming ownership of this year has been destroyed.. I feel sorry for the fans, actually no, I don’t, but anyway. It kinda sounds like they got a shipment of viagra in, creeped Eno and Lanois out and wandered around the empty studios fully erect and twiddling knobs, convincing themselves that this was a good idea and before anybody could stop them, uploaded it on their website. Whoaaa…Kinda feels like they are just about to be eaten alive by the reviewers and former sychophants. They maybe playing Tolka Park at this stage…Everything ends eventually I suppose.

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