Feelin Kind of Blue

Stretch and smooth, oh yeah.

As a child-bride of Gregg Allman, I have little free time to enjoy life’s happier things. So, I am sitting here, trying to fill in a tax return, while Lord Voldemort keeps swiping pages off me and scrawling “I hate you HP” in brown sauce and giggling hysterically at his oh so fucking hilarious jokes. Haha LV, haha. Apart from this, I will never eat lettuce again, after what I read this morning (damn you Rapunzel), and also I am in constant fear that French fucker Sumo hasn’t had his pills.

Speaking of lettuce, I was reminded by my partner-in-crime of that American Idol guy who loves lettuce, because he loves water and lettuce is like solid water. Ah, wipe the tears from eyes and pry Sumo from my arm.

Stretch is extremely addicted to the cop show The Wire. Every episode is a masterpiece and part of my love for the show is Bunk and McNulty’s drinking sessions. Always in a different bar each week and each one is somewhere you want to drink. Anyway, one of the places they were drinking in was this cool old bar which had Miles Davis Kind of Blue playing in the background. This got me thinkin about the first time I heard the album. I was a young Stretch, who would smoke something nasty and listen to music. It was a hobby I suppose, but when I first heard this album, I was under no influence. I don’t think I have ever felt so relaxed in my life after anything, well almost anything. Oh yeah.miles davis kind of blue

Kind of Blue is 50 years old this August and still one of the most perfect things Stretch has ever had the pleasure of listening to. From “So What” to “Flamenco Sketches (Alternate take),” it’s what people think of when they think of Jazz. It’s 55 minutes in a smoky bar with the coolest people on the planet. The drummer Jimmy Cobb said that “it must have been made in heaven.” It is a planet of its own in a universe full of ridiculous ideas. Music made by proper musicians. I’ve fought with Ol Daddy Stretch (himself a trumpeter) over the merits of Miles Davis.

“Too many notes Stretch, too many notes.” I think he has a soft spot for this album though.

With John Coltrane on saxaphone and Bill Evans on piano, everythings feels awwwwlright.

Stretch has a suggestion. Go out and buy the record, bring it home, organise 55 minutes of free time, pour yourself somethin real alcoholik, turn off all the lights, sit back (maybe some dry ice, if you have it) and press play and tell me you are not a better entity for it.

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