I scar easily

Since Ray Bradbury has been in hospital, I have been listening to cassette tapes from my youth and to tell

Grin all you want Robot!

Grin all you want Robot!

you the truth the replacement wheels has about a thousand tapes in it now. Unfortunately, the stereo is dodgy. So, a word of warning to drivers south of Norway, I have been veering around the road for the last couple of days, coz changing tapes and finding what you want, whether it be Faith No More’s Introduce Yourself, Soundgarden’s Louder than Love or that ridiculously depressing Red Hot Painters album, requires dexterity. I don’t have this, so if you see a little black car with a largish gibbon in it, brake and hit the hard shoulder, because at any moment a casssette tape may have finished.

Today I also learned that the Littlest Hobo was animatronic. More anon soon.

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