Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Laurent Garnier!

Stretch ici maintenant pour les peops.

Laurent Garnier est un musician/DJ francaise. Ne confusez pas avec la companie Laboratoire Garnier qui fait,

Quoi!? eh!? Quoi? Stupide

Quoi!? eh!? Quoi? Stupide

“Maybe it’s Maybelline,”  qui me fait pukey pukey quand je l’ecoute. Ugghhh.

Anyway, there is something that draws me to Laurent Garnier’s musique. A Parisien techno DJ by trade and founder of the legendary Hacienda club, his albums tend to be radically different. From crowd-pleasing anthems to concept albums, from house to trance to techno he is constantly evolving and seems to be comfortable in his work. Garnier is releasing a new album, Tales of a Kleptomaniac next month and will be playing live and Djing in aul Dubalin on the Monday of Paddy’s weekend. No doubt someone wearing a green hat and malevolent face will be in my fucking way most of the night. What’s a gibbon to do? Maybe I should leave the country for the weekend. Anyway, I’m not completely sure if Laurent Garnier can make you prettier but he certainly will have you in toe-tapping ship-shape and despite the prescence of career clubbers, it should be a great night.

Clubbers are a strange breed though, have always thought that. Those who are on something tend to think everyone is in the world that their minds have created. Those who aren’t tend to look really sulky and flop about chill-out areas a lot. By using a combination of the two sets we can create a Venn diagram (of course this is based on a night when the music is so bland that you could even respect Paulo Nutini (as a person, don’t get carried away)):

Under controlled circumstances, the outcome is always the same.

Under controlled circumstances, the outcome is always the same.

Here’s some Laurent to banish the annoying wankers away.

now here’s another gem. Haha, enjoy!

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