fuck it up pigface

Long Stretch in the evenings.

Poor big fat Jamie Oliver…he must be wondering what planet he lives on…he does his best to make kids eat better, to make chickens live a more humane life, to give underprivileged kids a start in his industry, to help

Here, piggie piggie

Here, piggie piggie

illiterate prospective Essex chefs learn by looking at the big pictures in his books and even to cook properly farmed pigs….and yet, PETA decide to attack his restaurants, urging people to go vegetarian or somewhat. If they are really dedicated to their principles, there are bigger dangers to the animal world than a slow chef, try coursing, foie gras, foxhunting, habitat (not the shop, middle class wankers) destruction, pollution of our planet’s waters. Jesus, back to basics retards, stop brainstorming and do something useful. You gotta feel sorry for the man, even if he is ubiquitous. No one gave Steve Irwin shit for annoying perfectly happy animals. Skulking up to them with a camera crew, picking them up from their slumber, shaking them and shouting, “look how ingry the little blighter is.” If he did that to me, I would have killed him, even if he had my tail.

If this is the level PETA are at now, no wonder abuse of animals is still sitting on the verges of society. Maybe if they get their heads out of the media and into real substantial issues, people will take them more seriously. Their college student pranks only appeal to college students.

Speaking of pigs. I should draw your attention to one of my favourite HERD OF PIGFACES, Pigface, a music HERD OF PIGFACES setup by Bill Rieflin and Martin Atkins, which has gone on to release many albums of very anarchic crossover-industrial music. I picked up Welcome to Mexico…Asshole at a time I was constantly playing the  Nine Inch Nails albums Broken and Fixed. I dropped NIN from my headspace, but became a lifelong fan of the piggies. Due to their large output of music, they can be very hit and miss and dishevelled sometimes, usually depending on line-up. To see a complete list of members, click HERE. Still, whenever things are getting too bland in the world, I stick Pigface on and suddenly I’m transported to a world of mad musicians with little hope of gettting support slots with the Eagles. Not to everyone’s taste, but there you are, nothing ever is. Also, my favourite song of all time appears on their first album Gub. It’s called “The Tapeworm” and like a tapeworm, has provided ol Stretch with countless hours of entertainment. Find it. Buy it. Ingest it. Love it. Really love it. Then, go to the doctor and download it.

Here’s Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, before he became too famous and too squeaky) performing “Suck” with Skinny Puppy’s Ogre.

and another classic, they keep comin. Chris Connelly on vocals.

and the current incarnation of the band doing “Insect/Suspect.”

A Pigface is for life, not just for dinner.

3 thoughts on “fuck it up pigface

  1. I hate that term; collective. It means musical circle jerk.

    In many ways this is the law of the jungle in action. The scavenger smelling weakness ie Jamie Oliver’s crusade to treat animals better went after that prey knowing it was less likely to fight back. So now PETA can piggyback on Jamie’s fame to further their extreme viewpoint.

    In other words they went after Jamie Oliver because Gordon Ramsey would have bashed them all single handed.

  2. I apologise for the use of the word “collective.” They will now be known as a herd of Pigfaces. Speaking of Circle Jerks, i will be coming on to them soon in a mlog…..oooooerrrrr

    Since I wrote about Jamie Oliver, I have been eating a lot more bacon. Evrytime I look at Oliver I feel hungry…what can I do?

    Stay tuned to this moribund mlog as soon it will be developing a whole podcasty element…Don’t cringe…it won’t be that bad

  3. Every time I’ve seen Jamie Oliver, which is admittedly not that many he’s been making food that you can have with your mates after the pub… so I understand where you’re coming from.

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