Susan Boyle Nightmare/saturation point reached




It’s like this.

It’s all dark and my mind wanders

I hear music

I hear Elaine Page

but it’s not Elaine Page

What is it?

It’s not bad

I’m all wet

It’s not great though.

I have no control of my movements.

I keep straining in different directions.

I taste bacon, but only in certain places.

The darkness draws back…

I’m blinded and out of control.

I see horrible people, all staring and laughing and staring!

Music starts

Elaine Page again

Hang on, I’m thrashing about and Page is like a mad echo inside my head

Back and forward I thrash

Oh fuck!

Oh no!

Fuck no!

I’m Susan Boyle’s tongue!

I’m dirty

2 thoughts on “Susan Boyle Nightmare/saturation point reached

  1. i refuse to add to Susan Boyle’s popularity by clicking on yootoob clips of her. I disagree with it. She’s a menace to talented people.

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