sometimes it’s quieter here


Social activity remains quiet here. Maintain mood and activate relax. Gland mellow and authenticate rum-feelings. Hum quietly a song that no one knows. Fall asleep with tune in your head. Dream lightly with visions of Carravagio. Blend drinks perfectly for brain-bong.

Folks it’s been quiet here for a while, but things’ll change…that’s right..all the colours of the rainbow shift toward a multimedia Stretch MacGibbon extravaganza….sighs all round as the monkey dances. Am in the middle of reading Frankenstein, which has taken up my attention in the small wee hours of the dark. Gearing up for summer of music-bilge..but catatonic now and that’s about all you need to know

So…try this for 3 minutes of relaxation…It’s just….well you’ll hear

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