Shut ya face Ming the Merciless! ranchero queen

I think I went deaf in one ear today

What would that do for your mlog? you say

would render it quite pointless oh no

would turn it from stereo to wait, mono

I cud play bass too y'know

I cud play bass too y'know

Oh no, oh no, oh lawd oh no!

GRIPE 1: Was pushing a heavy trolley around a small shopping center with tired little arms andd the muzak the store provided made me kinda ill. I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on in the hit parade lately, but there seems to be alot of remakes (covers?) of songs from my youth. They’re not very good and are proof that evil is afoot. For fuck’s sake, “I just can’t get enough” really shouldn’t be sung by some soul diva type. It’s as wrong as an old priest in a swimming pool of plastic balls!

GRIPE 2: The newspaper of record’s Ticket thingy belched out an interview with Lemmy from Motorhead a couple of weeeks ago which was pretty bland to say the least. Nothing offensive, EXCEPT  the interview took place last fucking October. No major problem you say, but wouldn’t it have been more interesting to publish the fucking thing when the band were playing here, last October. Then the spotted youth goes on to say that the interview took place backstage at the Ambassador (last fucking October) juts before Lemmy’s last ever appearance in Ireland. Fair enough, I hear you cackle. Yeah, until I receive information that Motorhead, with Lemmy are playing Dublin this November. I mean C’mon!

GRIPE 3: Said newspaper of record’s music journos also claimed that Ron Asheton was the bass player for the Stooges. Yeah for a while. But seems more perfick to say that he was their guitar player, coz he was y’now a guitar great. Not a huge point, but it’s lazy journalism!

What do I know? I’m just a tired little gibbon who’s been out in the sun too long.

ehhh..speaking of lazy……………………………………..

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