NeilYoungStretchaFile: call the cops

Stretch think Neil Young take Neil Young too seriously

Crop me less bitch, you nearly took my eyieieieieie out

Crop me less bitch, you nearly took my eyieieieieie out

Stretch think Crosby will kill Nash and stuff Stills

Stretch worry that peoples love Neil

Stretch see Neil as rich middle class man’s Rory Gallagher

Stretch think Neil sing like Shakira

Stretch think “Keep on rockin in the free world” should not be played anymore because we are all free, all except Neil who is trapped inside his own Neil

Stretch hates “Harvest Moon” sorry

Stretch think Neil write about all that happen to Neil, par example, “The needle and the damage done,” “Down by the river,” “Powderfinger” and “Crunchy nut cornflakes with Tea and later ham sandwich and finally embolism, more tea and serious face – turn off tv before dying”

Stretch depend on Neil to keep democracy alive

Stretch know Neil hate commies and gentiles

Stretch feel Neil in his dreams sometimes

Stretch wake up greasy and high pitched voice

Stretch wear garlic to bed now

Stretch see Neil float through window

Stretch go all Harker and faint

Stretch remember garlic and Neil hiss and fly out window into Carpathian Mountains, say ow

Stretch think Mercury Rev do good cover of “Cortez the Killer” but are up own arses now, with no hope of return

Stretch meet Neil, sort out things, but Neil not care what damage he done to Stretch

Stretch take out shotgun, but Neil adopt Yoga position

Stretch confused shoots own foot, Neil laugh or squeal

Stretch go “Hey, hey” Neil go “My, my” and beat Stretch with geeetar

Stretch sore, hate Neil and wee silently – the horror

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