Dubois, Benson…feel the heat

Stretch had a weird summer.

Woke up on the forest floor with my brain in a flutter, my legs entwined and a weird little stutter.

M–m-m-m-my head was throbbing and I couldn’t turn around. Something was up, but there wasn’t a sound

A weight was shifting up and down my back and any movement was constricted, my thoughts black.

A low growling noise I was hearing and fear I was a-feeling.

From me small little place with a grimace on my face, my back it was formed by an enormous worm.

It lived off my blood and often it would contract, bashing my body to give me achy back.

The forest floor screamed to see such a sight, but for me I did not scream for that would not be polite.

Lived day after day in incredible pain, the roots twisted round me like drizzle or rain.

It fed upon me with withering delight, the laxative qualities made me feel less delight.

The bigger it became, the smaller I remained, my eyes grew dim, my physique so slim.

It whispered to me in the depths of night, that soon it would own me with furious might.

I knew nothing of this as my brain felt pissed, but deep down inside my soul nearly cried.

The worm would convulse in furious spurts, I would scream ow and explain that that hurts.

Uncaring it romped with me on its back, through the magical forests of Letterfrack.

Near the end I weighed only a pound or two, the worm had consumed my most invaluable goo.

When all was done it spat me out, on to the ground with a terrible clout.

In later days, in pain with splinters in my knees

I wondered, really? is THIS how Brendon Benson feels?

and I laughed merrily.

Poor Benson: put upon, overshadowed, undershot

Poor Benson: put upon, overshadowed, undershot

1 thought on “Dubois, Benson…feel the heat

  1. Poor Brendan Benson. He’s a great talent and has written some smackingly good songs, but no-one’s ever heard of him. I was at a gig of his in Vicar Street a few years back (supported by OK Go! who performed one of their mad videos live on stage). There were but a handful of peoples attending. It’s high time Benson ditches the worm on his back and gains rightful recognition for the genius that he is.

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