Everyone likes a smart-hearse

Stretch those ligaments ladies!

If Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Monty Oxy Moron, Pinch and Stu West had kids, would they be called the children of the Damned?

That’s right ha ha. Spending time with yourself can have a damaging effect on thyselfness. Narcissism is masturbation dressed up as emotion. Emotion is vodka and masturbation while doing dress up.

Things we know:

1. Angels don’t exist, no matter how it keeps a bod from doing the suicide thing

2. Irlanda is a nation of non-revolutionaries

3. All the deBurghs are morons. We don’t need a TV show to tell us that.

4. Hedgehogs are having a particularly bad time of it lately

5. Gaddaffi may be nuts, but Obamaman would want to look around his leetle country before telling everyone else that the world is fucked.

Things we know Not:

1. Esperanto

2. Jesus, Mary and the News

3. The long term effects of laser eye surgery

4. Why I keep getting Bell’s Palsy and spam

and now take me for a drive monsieur

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