KMFDM doin it again / midmorningcrisisstrangethingsandhopeless obsessions

late night industrial dancing


mlog gone industrial lately – feel very under the radar, so need big beats and heavy guitars. You were worried, I know.

5 things wrong with me right now: 1. time 2. obsession 3. dirty dishes 4. purpose 5. jesus complex

The last one is causing the most problems as I am rapidly becoming younger so that I can pop out of Mary McAleese, just in time for christmas. She hot!

There is no time. People say there is. Dying people say that life is so short. I’m going to say it now, it’s so fucking short. If I die soon, then my previous sentence qualifies me, I think. One or two of you will go, “he kinda predicted hs own death.” But people who predict their own death are morons. Not everything someone says is important. So if I die, I am a moron. QED

Obsession: don’t get obsessed with anything, it’s a waste of time, which is in short supply as discussed. You hear about artists who were obsessed with things. Using our time paradigm (ie there is no time), how the fuck do they become obsessed with anything? Become obsessed with something or someone, get up in the morning, open the curtains and soon you realise that you have a million things to do. So by the time you get round to your obsession, there’s not really enough time to give it,so it gets needy. Obsessed artists must have really unsanitary lifestyles.

Purpose: TO DIE, that’s the only one really. That or tellybingo!

Dirty dishes: Every human being on the planet must know the meaning of life is to raise the 400 quid it costs to buy a fucking dishwasher. One of the most important tools of evolution and yet hugely underestimated by the thinking community. When you have no dishwasher, all the shit that has been pent-up inside you will explode into the ether like a Challenger Shuttle of frustration. Beware!

All I say is good night and remember this, happiness is a fucking working dishwasher!

6 thoughts on “KMFDM doin it again / midmorningcrisisstrangethingsandhopeless obsessions

  1. I waz gonna enter some kind of “I wish my wife was as dirrrrrrty as those dishes” comment here, but i wont cos it’s not true. Long live the dishwasher.

  2. Having lived for years without a dishwasher, I love my dishwasher too. But I really resent having to empty it when its done. Now I’m saving up for a dishwasher emptier.

  3. Because of all the time I waste on emptying dishwashers, I have not time to devote to posting inciteful (clever, eh?) comments on blogs.

  4. Hey Prof, you outdid yourself by feneigling your way into those Scarecrow and Mrs KIng ladies pantses. They love you, although they don’t get it yet. When they do though, oh christ, the horror Baines, the horror!

  5. Oh yes, tham cheesy 80s TV show lovin ladies will be eating out of my shorts soon enough. Then I can start my new round of experimentin’ : I’m making me a lady from used (technically still in use) parts according to my specifications . . .

  6. but will she look like Kate Jackson. That is an imperative. One head of Jackson, some peri-peri sauce and a large mango will go plenty ways to making the almost perfect LAYDEE or worse case scenario, shit indigestion!

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