forgotten music: the God Machine

these guys only put out two albums, because their drummer went and died. popped his clogs!

but if you can get the albums, they are amazing. Scenes from a Second Storey and One Last laugh in a Place of Dying

still an all, after seeing one or two top 50s, 100s or 1000s recently, I am firmly of the opinion that the years 2000-2009 have not been the best musically and I pity young people growing up with such a barrage of unfiltered music, yet oddly, a complete lack of diversity. Weird, huh? With ipods and the internet, quality has suffered. Odd huh? Maybe the record companies were the guardian of what we listen too. Too far man, too fuckin far! Anyway, it’ll be a good few years til U2 splatter out a new album, so we’re safe for now! An by the way, will the Killers just fuck off. You are not as good as you think you are. Just shut up!

and here’s a peculiar promo that could only be made back in those crazy Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, Alternative Nation ol 90s days



To quote Conor Graham from who lives in FACEBOOK “Well done John Delaney you embarrassing fuckwit. It’s like getting turned down for a kiss and then asking for a blowjob instead.”

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