subo get lubo, make nice

Ah bonjour mes amis. Stretch ici.

Allo, allo, Ola, Ola, Bonjour, Bonjour, Konichiwa, Konichiwawa.

Pour ma premiere expedition, Je voudrais donner KUDOS GRANDE to les femmes sexie dans la monde de Le Scarecrow et Madame King, qui made me laugh par pitie, mais avec beacoup d’amour aujourd’hui.

Kudos crazy babes! Stretch love ya!

Je voudrais parler avec you about this Susan Boyle woman. Oh La la lallalalalal! Je sais pas. I do not

Susan Boyle, not exactly Peter Ustinov?

comprende. Am I supposed to find her sexy? Am I supposed to believe that she’s a better singeur than the people whose song she photocopie. Il ya numerous reasons why she not make me feel the sex about her. And the Bo make me feel this way! Realities! Quest que passes? Wha? Pourquoi is millions of people lying around leur rotting, pig-fucking, armchair infested, ketchup stained, 99inchtelevisione social-service visited maisonettes, watching fucking reality? Why? Pourquoi? Reality is BIG MERDE. Take a look at the (sexy) ladies from SKMK. They don’t want reality. They want bad-ass bitch Kate Jackson and thinking woman’s shiny trousered crumpet, Brucey Boxleitner. That’s why TV was invented. Oui?

Cette ‘Femme Unibrow’ is number One in Les Etats-Unis. I mean sheeeit. It’s like there’s a big need for normale peoples to make it to the top. Why? Normal people are fucking boring. Susan Boyle is not exactly Peter Ustinov. And dreams, les reves, vache ta mere. Live the dream, live the dream, live my hole more like. That femme derange will have every ounce of her soul sucked out of her by a hungry mass media. They will leave a carcass so rotten, it will resemble that simpering asshole Robbie Williams (GIVE IT UP FOOL). Tout fois I turn the TV on or open un papier, there’s another celebritie having a mental breakdown LIVE. It makes me furieux!! Tres furieux! Meyerde!

Anyway, maybe I should do what french “essence de cool” Fred Avril does and go around randomly hitting people in the face and after that chill to some of his more mellow sounds. JE DIT “CHILLLLL”

Fin. Over to Vous Fred

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