surprise, you’re dead. Guess what, it never ends……..

Odd article in the oh-so liberal chin-stroking Guardian about the music that evil men do love… not sure whether it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek or serious, but anyway. Osama Van Halen and the 50 Cent dictator is the name and it’ll pass the time while eating your corn flakes. There’s no mention if Pol Pot liked the Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday in Cambodia” or if Idi Amin liked Edie Brickell, why? What I am is what I am and whatchuare is dead! Being a British newspaper, they failed to mention bloodthirsty Tony “the beast” Blair and his Oasis-fuelled war on all those innocent peoples standing next to terrorists. Maybe he should have just killed Oasis, just for laughs, y’understand.

So here is what Osama Bin Laden gets down to!! Makes you think, does it?

and the song I sing while making my famous Paprika Potatoes

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