take back the adf powahhhh

I think I may have mentioned this band once or twice before…hmm i dunno

Anyway, some people have U2, some have the Stones, some have the Beatles, some have the Ramones, some have Jayzee or Metallica and some even get themselves all up in a tangle over Dan Deacon, though fuck knows why.

Stretch has these dudos and they kinda rock lotsandlots…as relevant as music can get.

I’m just rambling on about them now. Why don’t I just go and marry them is what I do be hearing you say?

Why don’t I just sit at my ADF altar, whip it out and adore adore adore and leave us out of it you say?

I’m only trying to help you get over  the adverse effect of mass media, that’s all.

I mean SORRY, fucks sake. Yer always like this y’know!

this post is more for Baines, Fuckface and Molly Malone….they know why, oh yes they dooooo

Really sorry but you tend to be an idiot. If I die in the next 10 days and don’t get to see them live, I’m going to fucking haunt you all!

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