Apparently, this little munki has been nominated for an award at the Irlanda Blog Association’s annual ball of backslapping in the category of BEST BEACHCOMBER. How weird?

It’s kinda like been caught having a wank and then handed a twix!


4 thoughts on “cannnnihaveawardwithyou?

  1. Oh shut up Stretch , this is a good thing ! Do you have your designer dress picked out for the ceremony? And who is doing your hair and makeup??

  2. “and they’ll pass you by like the wink of young girl’s eye….glory days”.
    Bruce says it best. Enjoy it while it’s happening.
    Best of luck Stretch, may your acceptance speech be full of foulness and cuss.
    Have you been stalked around your jungle perch by paparazzi yet?

  3. Congratulations Prenderghast. I believe you are also a nominee for this weird-ass event. That may explain my inclusion too, as the only people who read my mlog are perverts and creeps doing wordpress searches for Glenda Gilson’s cankles.

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