feelin blue…how dyedo kinda


It’s odd when you want to drive into a ditch or jump off a fairly high building or are just gnashing at your knuckles with your other hand outstretched, you tend to pick music to accompany this miserableness that accentuates the feeling of gloom so much that you end up being too tired to top yourself.

Feelin blue tonight. Would jump out the window, but realistically it would just be annoying as I’m not that far from the ground. Instead, I’m going to sit in a room, turn off all the lights, put on a pair of shades, pour myself a glass of wine and listen to this beauteousness. Rain pounding the window pane will help the mood and that strange woman in the corner smoking a cigarette is very atmospheric. I have no idea how she got into my house.

Wake me when things get better.

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