the wall that divides you and me is a wall made up of Bonjovi

Stretch and yawn. Munki see, munki glue?

Hi. Feeling better, so here ya go, turn off the jazz and back to the world of electronica. A song that can’t help but make you smile. It’s important to smile, especially at stupid people. They need to know or they will conquer us all.

Hey, WALL-E, fuck you man!

My self-help book will be entitled “You shit on me. I shit in your make-up bag.”

By the end of the week, every politician in Irlanda will have resigned and the nation of leetul potato-heads will rejoice and return to the aul days of battering yourself into submission with a crucifix covered in thorns. Oh the fun that’ll be had. Come join us. It’ll be like the Wicker Man with mountains of the aul Guinness, yeehaa. “Run that up your knickers and see who who salutes!” said tourist David Lee Roth, “I’m gonna have sex with lots of redheaded things.”

Here’s what happens when you cross a robot with a naked Martin Gretschmann (The Notwist).

Fuck WALL-E, this came first.

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