Nonsense child, it was Jesus who did that to you

I remember being at the oh-so-very Electric Picnic a few years back and standing up the front of the main stage watching a very cranky Jim Reid go through the motions of a Jesus and Mary Chain gig. They bashed through a bunch of songs, but most of the crowd were fairly bored, probably wishing they could have got into the tent to see the Beastie Boys or the other tent to see the Go Team.

I hadn’t seen JAMC live since I was a child and this was where I had to be.

Toward the end of their set, Jim got narky

“What’s wrongwitchis? Yiz all look pissy?”

This prompted this Scottish dude beside me to shout,

“It’s coz you’re a prick! Play “Darklands” and fock awff!”

Got no encore that night nor “Darklands.” But, Jesus, I love this song! Anyway.

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