Overstepping the universe

Autechre’s new album Oversteps has just been released and it’s a goddam classic. Kudos dudos!

Obviously, you’re an Autechre fan or you’re not. If you’re not, it’s because you love Debbie Gibson and that makes you just y’know nice. No need to feel stupid or uneducated. You’re just easily pleased and that’s that, no criticism. You wouldn’t understand anyway and I don’t want to make you cry. That wouldn’t be fair on you or your co-workers at GAP.

Some pirate put up this sampler on UUUUUUtube asking Warp not to sue him. I mean, c’mon! Asking for trouble. I might even sue him, although by then I’ll be spending my money on the piracy suit against me.

As angry sheep say, bah!

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