charity song fuelled by rawk andalittul rawl

Screaming Jay Hawkins cover good choice for charity song shocker!

This actually works very nicely twicely, apart from Johnny Depp appearing randomly throughout, staring into space. Also, Bobby Gilliespie losing the sing-off with amazing ease, hilarious. Magical Nick Cave magics people next to him every few seconds, it’s great. He is magic. Still, good stuff.

4 thoughts on “charity song fuelled by rawk andalittul rawl

  1. I have a question for you, Stretch. How did you add the Facebook widget at the end of your blog page, the one that invites your “special friends.” I’m a curious little aardvark these days.

  2. Yep , i have to agree, very good stuff .Never knew Johnny Depp could play guitar , glad he did something on it other than stand there looking weird though.

  3. Poor old Bobby, God made him into a rock star and then for the fun of it decided not to give him a singing voice (and give him lank hair instead). The couple of laughs at the end are the ones who were given voices. Could they not have found him a tambourine or triangle for him to play.

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