touched by an Angel, not weird like

Feel compelled to put this NewOrdery song on, dunno why.

One of these coreys is dead

So, yeah, Stretch Mac an Gibbbaaaainn has been shorter-listed for the Masturbators Anonymous Annual Jamboree.

Presumably there will be fifteen or so further short lists, so they can whittle it down to 20 or summat.

(Stretch not doing his chances much good here!)

Three things I learned today:

1. Never try to resuscitate roadkill, despite his pleas

2. Harry Potter is evil, pure evil and controls my time

and 3. Corey Haim is not dead on, but y’know dead. (misheard)

I’m sure he was dead on though. The Lost Boys. Those clothes! Ah good times.

Watched The Hurt Locker last night and realised Kathryn Bigelow must have thought the same way I thought when she first heard Ministry’s “Khyber Pass.” What a great song to end a movie! Let’s make a film with that in it. Glad the Oscar weirdoes decided to take a chance on it and her. Big fan of hers since Near Dark. Rayyyyyfffff Fiennes is in it too. Never gets the credit he deserves that man. The Brittles can only stomach him if he’s being all Richard Curtisy, which he rarely does.

and here’s Al!

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