if anybody wants me, I’ll be back from 120 minutes in about 5 years

Stretch go oh fuck! I just found the  120 Minutes archive.

So what, you say? Well, they have every playlist from 1986 -2007

Par example, August 1, 1988
Patti Smith – People Have the Power
The Sugarcubes – Birthday
Midnight Oil – Dead Heart
Iggy Pop – Cold Metal
Erasure – Chains of Love
The Railway Children – In the Meantime
Paul Kelly and the Messengers – Dumb Things
Pete Shelley – Homo Sapiens
The Mission U.K. – Tower of Strength
The Church – Reptile
The Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
Soul Asylum – Cartoon
Big Audio Dynamite – Just Play Music
Camper Van Beethoven – Eye of Fatima, Part One
Ranking Roger – So Excited
The Primitives – Crash
The Swans – Love Will Tell Us Apart
Transvision Vamp – Tell That Girl to Shut Up
Doctor and the Medics – More
Devo – Disco Dancer

Yeah and? Fuck you and your questions. Each song has a link to a certain vid site…so goodbye all, I’m gonna be busy for quite a while…There’s so much good stuff here, it’s beyond the beyond.

1 thought on “if anybody wants me, I’ll be back from 120 minutes in about 5 years

  1. This is exactly why the Internet was invented. Some gobshite said it was invented by a bunch of astronomers/physicists who wanted to swap data and other geekstuff. I don’t trust any of those astrologer or psychic types and reckon they just made it up to make themselves look cool in a vain attempt to get into the lab coats of equally geeky ladies. Anyway, even if the nerds did invent it, the Internet has now found its rightful home among those who like to procure and share music, movies, pornography and other wholesome stuff.

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