Bonobo where no bonobo been before

She don't know haha, wait till she...ooooohhhh hahaha

Bonobo’s back and this time he’s using Andreya Triana as the vocal element to his munki musical devices. The last album Days to Come was a classic and it will be pretty hard to top, but I have every faith in that little monkey to do the business. He seems to have gone high quality production on everything for this one. The first two promos from forthcoming album Black Sands are highly stylised.

Somebody told me today that that I was like spam. It took me a while to realise that it was coz of my increased output recently rather than the hue of my skin.There is one very simple way to avoid me, Mr Tubridy. What, click to another site? No, I meant, kill yourself!

See, I understand this. Very nice. Very sexy. Music to make the love to.

I don’t understand this. Watching too much Manimal methinks. I don’t want to go outside now, especially if that eagle’s about.

3 thoughts on “Bonobo where no bonobo been before

  1. Good news indeed, but I thought bonobos were apes, not monkies. You’re the expert on all things simian, I suppose.

  2. check out the flying lotus vid i just posted. Oooooh, es hot. Oooooh dont touch it. Full version on warp site. FUcking derranged Flylo

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