it’s dark, it’s wet, Stretch is busy

After a flurry of spam, I ended up burning out unspectacularly and as a result am knackered.

Couple that with the religification of Squishy and a massive six-month hangover, the whole process has made me rethink my direction. I went hither and thither and finally realised that the direction I was going in was the lesser of some evils. Cryptic? Try explaining it to a baying gibbon.  Remember God is watching and if that God isn’t watching, then some other God is watching. If all Gods are everywhere then they must be in, beside, on and underneath each other, which must make for some uncomfortable conversations. Must be like kids in the back of car complaining that one touched off the other.

“Dad, Vishnu rubbed up against my arm.”

“Liar, did not, it was Buddha”

“Don’t drag me in to this Big B. Eh, dad, meant to say,  you left Protestant God back in the supermarket.”

Anyway, here are some creepy plants until I readjust my head space!

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