oh good fuck, how wwwwwwwrong

Usual mental stuff. Always with the Joe Mantegna Bell’s Palsy or the Jennifer Carpenter Bell’s Palsy, but…

Today’s search item of the day: Irish charms for bell’s palsy

That won’t work. Electrolysis and massage and Steroidys. Oh yeah, that’s the only way to get the face man movin.

I forgot! I was fascinatingly beautied reminded today that Anti-Pop Consortium are playing tonight and I cannnnot go. Goddam tha anitsownself. Not happy, not coz of Bell’s Palsy either, Joe and Jennifer. Here’s what I’m missing kinda, thanks to Four Tet. It’s like electro-cosmic-hip-hop-or-sumthin. I think they maybe a littul wasted at the interview stage down below. I think I may be a littul wasted too as the keys are hard to find right now. I missin them in a global way. totally wired and out.

and the genius Matthew Shipp

and here they are themselves, those that be them that is they

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