welcome to the fall

I must not forget to go to the Fall. Right now I should be drunk or loved up or sumthin and waffling on about how great the APC gig was, but no, I’m sitting here in my shawl poking the embers of my social life and shitting on and on and on… My memory for gigs has been constricted by my over zealous diary of crap things to do. Stretch, you musn’t forget this one. You better be there, because Brix won’t.

the frightening world of...

Not drinking tonight was a bad idea. Not drinking any night is a bad idea, but tonight I caught the end of Craig Doyle’s new chat show. Within seconds of turning it on, I thought I was having some kind of acid flashback. The set was extreme, Victoria Smurfit was extreme. Doyle basically cupped himself while he was talking to her about things like nearly being shot (Gosh). Worth catching on rteplayer just to see the discomfort felt be Kate Nash. It is a truly awesome thing. I’d feel sorry for her if I was able.

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