Peter Steele is dead

The man with the voice so deep that the devil went all shy and awkward around him, Pete Steele, died yesterday. Type O Negative are easily dismissed as kinda jokey goth-metal nutcases, but their songs, especially on October Rust, are amazingly constructed and they definitely had their own sound. Pete’s monster-monster voice over the top of this MaryShelleyMosh made children fear and other children constantly cough up phlegm. He was a giant of a man, his balls must have dropped in the womb and his life was like Halloween every day. When I was younger, I had a Type O Negative t-shirt, which I always felt safe in, always knowing that if I was in an accident, my blood type was emblazoned on my little monkey chest.

“I can’t believe I died last night. I’m fucking dead again.”

Stretch say kudos dudo.

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