Lost in Music: Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias

Stretch say No Fly Zone

Sometimes Stretch has the troubles as people from the now Island state of Irlanda call it. His little head swirl with confusion and Jameson. He likes to think he at the controls, but that is not the case. Swirly, swirly, swirly, swirly oh and down the wretched spiral he do go. Once he was up he was up and then he was down down down bam bam and then it affected his littul big dog, Sam!

You might say that, but I couldn't possibly comment

“What’s the matter Stretch?” ask Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

“My head filled with passion and blood and googly things. My stomach lurches all the time and the possibilities of life crash back and forward through my mind. I am here and I am there, but where is that?” I cry.

“May I have a rawhide chew please?” ask Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

“The feeling that something might be right, but it is oh so wrong and the powerlessness to do anything about it causes a build up of intense painium in my cranium.” I say.

“Are you a fag?” ask Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

“Noo!” I scream, a bit too high.

“Would you like to throw me that tennis ball?” ask Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

“You aren’t hearing me. The main issue I’m having is that what I want and what I can have are two different things entirely. You dig?” I question.

“Yes I do. Why don’t you come on over here and scratch my dirty ol ears?” point out Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

“Aaah…You’re fucking with me now. I’m talking about life, love, the whole fucking lubricated stick. The idea that you have one life, so go for what you believe is right. Mistakes are in the past. No regrets. The next decision you make is the most important one you have ever made.” I exclayam.

I am always watching, Michael. I will always be there for you. Michael.

“Truuue. Okay, I gotta do a poo! You’ll pick up, right?” ask Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

Today I bought a t-shirt of a band I recently introduced myself to called Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias. They are band who lived in the 1970s and had a singer who must have been a defining influence for Russell Brand and singer Nic Offer from !!! considering their shtick. AYLTP parodied many of the acts of the time and seemed to have a fantastic time doing it. A contemporary act would probably be the legendary (here anyway) Warlords of Pez or Limerick’s hip hop geniuses RubberBandits who I was recently introduced to by an Angel descended from a very cold place, kinda like what happened to Jimi Hendrix, kinda. Anyway, I basically fell in love with AYLTP in the space of four vids. Tell me you won’t fall in love with these guys too.

“Buy some Xanax yi moany prick!” advise Sam, Big Golden Retriever.

So, this be taking the piss out of punk…

This be taking the piss out of “Heroin” by the Velvetsy Undergrounds…

This be taking the piss out of Status Quo who are stuck in Moscow or sumthin…

and finally, this be taking the piss out of the stupid Sex Pistols…

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