Lewis and Clarke’s dirty dawg

Lewis and Clark knew that releasing _______ on their expedition to the Louisiana Territory would be bad

Dead Dog's Oval

for all concerned. _______was always getting everywhere which annoyed the two men as they would have _______ all over them when Lewis got excited about something. At sea, the men worried about the effect ________ was having on the men.  Having  ___________ getting _________ all over them would send morale plummeting. ______ would get into every nook and cranny of the ship. The men complained when _______was strewn over their bunks, some found _____ lying on their pillows. Lewis like to have ______ rest upon his lap, but found it too messy and his clothes would have to be cleaned after. _______ was generally popular amongst the men and  _______ seemed to relax them after a stressful day, although biographers have generally ignored the stories of the wild and crazy times the men had with  ______ . I hope one day the story of Lewis and Clark will have the influence of  ________ all over it. There is a statue in Oregon of Lewis and Clark. It is so good to think that the statue includes ______, an important part of these two famous men’s relationship.

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