your Future our Clutter

Wild-eyed, staring into space eating lunch-ah, seeing two eyes and melting like an old brunch-ah, caught out, ha, my mind has gone-ahh…and foolishness as she has taken hold-ah, oh u think will it happen while I grow old-ah

Stretch-ah (h)omage-ah

It’s Fall time-ah again

The new album Your Future Our Clutter was released yesterday and is another goddamn gem from the wonderful world of… What Stretch finds weird is how short this album feels. It clocks in at about 45 mins but it pisses away a lot quicker likey. Another weird thing is that Elena now really feels part of the Fall sound, whereas I always thought her keyboards were a bit unnecessary. The electronic feel on some parts of the record seems to come from Smith’s interaction with the guys from Mouse On Mars. A perfick little record and I’m going to see them live tomorrow night, so all’s good then in life? Well, maybe not, but…

As Stretch has said before, being a Fall fan since the early nineties means that missing a gig is not the end of the world, but there’s always the nagging feel that you are missing something or you might not see them again. The last gig I saw them play was in a tent in Dubalin a couple of years back and I didn’t actually enjoy it. Saying that, when you see a good Fall gig, there isn’t really anything better out there at all.

What will Thursday in Tripod bring? Well? I’m asking you a question

Click on The Fall to and check out a fun Fall version of  that Downfall vid that is rolled out for usually less than comic effect.  and here’s some songs off the new record…

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