getting higher and higher

Stretch say hi… bees are necessary until one of them stings you and then you say “Fuck”

“Exterminate the brutes!”

Ah, an entire generation of journalistos will constantly reference Joseph Conrad, much to the bemusement of a fickle public, fed on a diet of amateur dramatics and folly.

Thinking a lot about drugs lately. Wanna but don’t do nowt now, life is weird enough. Back in the way back when, the choices of music I would put to different drugs were very odd. When I smoked hashishash, I had a ritual of bathing and listening to Mazzy Star’s She Hangs Brightly, then splaliff two would be

"How could they make that mistake? They're obviously completely different"

Slint’s Spiderland , watch some TV and then Nick Cave’s Your Funeral My Trial which would send me off to sleep with my last joint on my lips, only to wake minutes later with enormous burns on my skin. I lived in a crypt.

While doing speed, I couldn’t listen to anything but the theme tunes to annoying Nintendo or Sega games. It was ridiculous. Ol’ Mama and Papa Stretch used to wonder why a rapid child jingle was playing at 9,000 decibels from my room. They would walk in to find me jogging furiously (like Ian Curtis) in a circle screaming, “Next level! Must reach next level!” Destroyed our relationship.

Acid was a difficult one. Nothing really worked, until I tried movie soundtracks. There was always an evocative moment in a movie which would suit my disposition. In Jackie Brown, the bar that Jackie meets Ordell is one of the places I will want to go in my life. Not the Grand Canyon, not Machu fucking Picchu, but that bar. The same goes for the bar in Repo Man where Circle Jerks play.

Essentially it was bars I wanted to go to. Although, there seems to be a qualification. The bars must have low lighting and red velvet chairs or little tables with lamps on them. If possible with a barman like in Pulp Fiction who says,

“My name is Paul, this is between y’all!”

Ohm splutter, spit,  speaking of Repo Man, click here. The laziest piece of journalism (apart from my own) I have come across in a long time. Fucking morons. When I heard Repo Men was coming out, I knew this type of stupid mistake would be made, but I thought journalists could go on to IMDB and do two seconds of fucking research. Stupid Stretch. The two movies have completely different plots for the love of the baby Buddha!

I did ecstacy once, waited for five minutes, fell flat on my face and never did it again. Friends tried to get me to do it again, but you learn your lesson. Whatever makes your face and the floor copulate should be avoided at all costs. Listening to Art Attacks right now and drinking a vat of rum, later to the big town to see the Fall. Now, how to get there.

Anyway, the greatest songs of all time usually sound a little like this…

5 thoughts on “getting higher and higher

  1. I used to slam my head into the fridge to DK’s “Soup Is Good Food” while doing “tea”. I’m not even sure what “tea” was, PCP maybe? I’m with you on Jackie’s swanky cocktail lounge-the only place I could or would do dust these days.

  2. I need 2 teas every morning or I am a non-functioning Munki. I like that you were unaware of the substance you were introducing to your body. Very Punk. I am worried about your fridge tho, they break easily and never come in the right size. Be careful, that whole refrigeration replacement is a complete mindfuck…kinda like tea

  3. I’m wondering why you would put a reference to Repo Man and drugs, specifically acid, on the same page.

  4. ah yes Baines, I had forgotten our shared experience of an acid trip and watching Repo Man. This was the night when we were shadowed by a sinister Jack Russell, Norwegians and Lego men heads. Then we went and watched Repo Man, a truly wonderful experience until the end when the credits rolled down instead of up. Our little heads were flummoxed by this and just when things couldn’t get any weirder, the credits stopped and there was a power cut…and we ran out of toffee pops!

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