Il Divo, Diva, Deviant

Love-Stretch, don’t over do it

Ridiculous documentary on BeeBeeCeee2 tonight about lead singers, animated so that you may have

Please do not ask me to sing

thought you weren’t watching a cheap piece of crap. Although it was worth watching just to hear Kiss legendo Gene Simmons demanding that Thom Yorke’s head should explode during “No Surprises.” Besides that, watched Il Divo, not the four piss-ant opera geeks loved by bored Stepford wives, but Paulo Sorrentino’s fantastically trippy film about former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. Beautiful to watch; Europeans really are the best filmmakers and it had a crazy soundtrack which combined classical music with Cassius, Beth Orton and Da-Da-Da itself, Trio.

After her amazingly cool effort on Bonobo’s Black Sands, here’s Andreya Triana being well, just perfick. There’s something deadly about this. Somebody who can sing soulfully without needing to overdo it. She rocks.

and this is just the best thing…

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