it’s night time, so…

Stretch and yawn… nestling Havana Club in my mouth while dreaming I’m awake. Another day scraping my nails off a blackboard of frustration. Still, I have my health probably.

"the blood on my breast will be on your hands, human" Mr Robin

I passed three old men sitting on a bench in a park. They were talking to a robin. It was perched on a branch of a sycamore tree above them. One of the old guys said,

“Howya Mr Robin. What do you want?”

Another said,

“Wudja like to have some of me bread? Here you go pet”

The last guy said,

“He likes that y’know” and nudged his friend.

The robin skipped on to the ground in front of them and seemed to not be worried.

“Ah, isn’t he lovely?” said oldy number two

“He is, he’s a great fella. Must be me ham sandwiches.” They all laughed.

I watched them for a while and smiled, thinking what a bunch of fucking nutters they were and immediately phoned the authorities.

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