and the moral of the story is, and the moral of the story is

Y’know what? You are screwed every which fucking way but…dixie? Best to sing the national anthem and go to bed. But wait, I develop polio; I walk out of my house and wave at people; snog some laydee with a raccoon; barrel past the unemployment office, blank that poor friendly poor bloke, cretin; meet a girl, steal her bike, put on my helmet coz I’m a wuss; cycle to the mountain; abandon the bike with some blind weirdo; walk on to the top of the fucking thing as bow-legged as I goddam can, and scream as loud as possible,

“Scotland! Scotland! Scotland!”

until the people suffering from hallucinatory aural experiences stop shaking and fucking smile. Bless!

instead don’t watch that, watch this.

and here’s what it’s like live…looks pretty much like a set of sore calves/calfs the next morning

pretty raucous likey…more rum, aaarggh. OhDeryMelikeawetgoldenretriever

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