shadows…all I see is shadow

for peoples who miss Pavement tonight, make sure not to miss DJ Shadow who is playing in Tripod on

Wanna buy me hat?

Monday 5th July. Never reached the heights of Endtroducing, but still a legend, even if he is permanently trying to sell you stuff. Watch out for a WalMart style merchandise section at the back on the night.

Apparently he’s between albums at the moment, so it’ll be a fairly fun mash up. The likelihood of seeing Stretch there is mostly dependent on my ability to find my favourite shades…They were last seen wandering around the village at 2.30 on Monday night. They were wearing a shiny blue Adidas hoodie, manky-grey tracksuit bottoms, a gold (not real gold) chain with the medallion saying WORD and may have been in the company of my black boots who were stark naked. If you come across these items, please beware, they are usually baked and you may not understand what they are trying to say to you. Godspeed!

Thought for the day: Lively Up Yourself or Ah dry up! (You choose)

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