the day of the endless hallucination

annnnnd STRETCH…wake up alone in strange room.

Dog barking. Baby crying. Other dog steals socks (everyday). Some child sitting on kerb outside bawling…turn head and knock full water glass on to head, get drown-DED…Thinking everything will go bad today and eh it kinda does on the whole…tired

Then…glimmer of light? No! Nothing, zero, nada, nowt, unseen. Bang, straight in the cold heart. Damn right too. Bad munki. That’s the way with hallucinations. Maybe the past year has been a hallucination. That would help.

Well as the man says “Don’t expect, Don’t expect…”

Whoever figures this out gets a free Stretch MacGibbon t-shirt and a chicken biryani!

That guy from Slipknot is dead. Added to the heavy heavy list. Weird. Who’s next?

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