alcohol withdrawal day one: That woman’s got me drinking

After a combination of Irlandish and Cuban liquors in Stretch’s ol system, I am reminded of Denis Leary,

The scene of my demise

“You wake up and your liver’s sitting on a chair beside you drinking a cup of coffee going ‘You’re an asshole.'”

Y’see I’m in an alcohole and I need to get out of it. So, for one week only ladies and engines (to quote barman of my youth) Stretch MacGibbon is not letting the alcohol pass his mouth area to his saddened liver. It doesn’t seem like a lot to normal peops but it is an experiment that must be attempted.

By next Saturday, I will be healthy, fit and smelling of thousands of herbal teabags. My brain will be sorted. My life will make sense. Squishy will look at his Daddy with pride rather than the current bemusement/contempt. AND I will not be listening to anymore drunken advice for a week at least.

If you look up next Saturday and wonder what’s blocking the sun, it will be Stretch MacGibbon ascending to a new beautiful level. Then I will rain down upon you.

As I said, that woman’s got me drinkin’, look at the state I’m in.

Isn’t Johnny Depp so pretty even when he is drunk? It must be shit for his wife to know that her husband is a prettier looking woman than her.

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