I have Battles in my life mk2

Battles Battles Battles

this is from a gig I was at a few years ago in Dubalin town and pretty impressive it was. INDEED

This is “Tonto” and it always makes me want to run on the spot with a demented look on my face. Doing it right now.

The good news comes from me to you: Battles have new material out, bizarrely previewed on the new Twilight movie soundtrack. Click HERE and scroll down to bonus tracks and a treat is in store.

Twilight is the kiddy vampires who want to live forever franchise right? Never seen it. Don’t all teenagers think that they are immortal? Isn’t that the only good thing about being a teenager? Isn’t that the coping mechanism established when you look in the mirror and see a mashed up pizza living on your skin? Well, at least I’m not going to die. Oh look, a vampire. You want me to do what?

Teenagers never really get why adults don’t take them seriously. They don’t realise that it’s because we think they’re completely stupid. As you get older, you tend to think Judd Nelson wasn’t cool, but a dipshit. Fingerless fucking gloves, I ask yi. As for Emilio Estevez, well….Whinge, whinge, moan, moan. Could be worse, teenagers could wake up every morning thinking about the same thing, the thing that should not be, the inescapable fact that makes trying to be a responsible adult absolutely horrible…

…Doing the right thing

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