when the wave breaks, got no place to go

Stretch here…

They're coming to take you away, haha

Despite its overwhelming beauty, I think the wave has finally broke against the shore… but what next? Well?

In other news: Falling foul of angel-loving freaks and people who believe the dead are among us, I tend to get sickly and pump my fists into walls. I know it helps OTHER people, but it does mean that in the process of providing them with some sort of solace, it makes me recoil in horror. Leave it alone. Dead people are dead. Just leave em be. They had long or short lives and they may not actually want to talk to you. They may appear in your dreams and tell you things, but I’ve had porn stars appear in my dreams and they still won’t return my phone calls. I’ve dreamed about what could have been and woke up in what definitely is.

I’m not saying that you should not believe in whatever you want to. Just keep it to yourself please.

Angels! Fluttering about in your car while you’re trying to drive. Causing static. Sitting on your shoulders as you are making bad decisions, nodding at each other with concern. Angels watching your most evil private moments. Angels hanging out at clubs when they’re supposed to be watching over you. Angels watching as people stop being interested in you, doing nothing but fucking hovering. Angels seeing you screw everything up and instead of putting a ghostly hand on your shoulder to stop you, they provide you with company as you spiral out of control. Angels not stopping you as you over season your patatas bravas. Angels, assholes more like! It’s impossible to write the word without first typing angles. Get rid of em I say… Religion’s funny isn’t it?

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